Jeremy Feldhamer's is the Hilarious Kosher Hypnotist
His show is tailored for the Frum/Jewish Community.
His is the show where YOU are the star!!!

Make your next party or event a success

The key to any successful party or event is to keep your guests entertained. Adding Jeremy Feldhamer to the program schedule is a guaranteed way to entertain your guests and create a memorable event that they will keep talking about.

Kosher Hypnosis is entertainment provided by a Frum, Orthodox, Jewish, Professional Entertainer, that brings quality entertainment to your event without having to worry about modesty or any other halachic issues.

Jeremy Feldhamer's Show is fun, clean, and hilarious. The Audience will laugh and be amazed when they see their fellow audience members get up on stage and enter the natural state of hypnotic trance.

A group of Jeremy's volunteers enjoy the relaxing state of hypnosis.


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